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Monday, March 24, 2014

why building a bridge over pass is a waste of your tax $ dollars

felecia187 so this is beyond stupid if you know how much it cost to build an over pass , this is not about a bridge over water , this is only about an bridge over another road we call this an over pass , so here is the thing it cost one billion $ to build a bridge , yeah i know you can't imagine that but it dose , this is a huge amount of money , now if you were to make a clover leaf this is a type of traffic circle , then it would cost you one million a mile so lets say you need twenty miles of road way to build a clover leaf this would cost the tax payer YOU  twenty million dollars , which means you would save 980 million dollars , you could build a lot more clover leafs and save the tax payer a HUGE amount of money , so why don't they build clover leafs instead of over passes , easy answer because they like to waste your tax dollars , oh i am not done yet it gets better , for those in construction know that if it cost a billion dollars to build a over pass then the contractor usually gets a percentage of what it cost to build the over pass this percentage usually can be % 50 to % 80 cents on the dollar , so the contractor would get $ 500,000,000 to $ 800,000,000 for himself so the over pass really only cost between $ 500,000,000 and % 200,000,000 for materials so in a clover leaf they would make a lot less profit they would make about % 500,000 to $ 800,000 per mile but the cost would be a lot less , so neck time you read in the paper that they are building an over pass , you now know how much off your tax dollars they are going to BURN  , maybe we should build a bridge over pass and then we could retire , oh yeah now i'm thinking maybe that way we would get our tax dollars back , enjoy the math lesson for today . 

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