Monday, June 9, 2014

how cruise ships entertain .

felecia187 water slides that will scare you are big and bigger on your cruise , scare the kids and adults alike , getting wet is now more fun then ever .
 karaoke for everyone nightly for all adults who think they can entertain the masses , so you think you can sing lolol go on a cruise and have fun finding out .
 surfing on a cruise ship not kidding will the fun never end ?
 ice bars Oh yeah bars with drinks and bar tender made totally of ice great way to keep cool on a cruise .
Oh yeah rock climbing on a cruse ship Oh  did i mention you will be way above the top of the ship scared yet .
bumper cars i thought they outlawed these well i was wrong .
a full size skating rink for you to have fun on ,
all these and many more can be had on a cruise for you and the whole family , enjoy you next cruise ship vacation . enjoy .

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