Wednesday, June 11, 2014

how to hack a ATM

felecia187 two teenagers in Canada go online and find a ATM machine Manuel , so they go to a grocery store and with the help of the online Manuel they hack into the ATM  , they did not think that they could do it , well be good kids they then go to the bank that owns the ATM  and tell them what they have done , the bank dose not believe them , so they convince the bank that if they are allowed to prove it will the bank listen , so they go to another ATM change the password , set the sur charge to $0.01 copy out the information on the ATM how much money is in it , how many transactions it did that day , they changed the opening screen to say ( don't use this ATM it has been hacked ) then they took the information back and showed the bank , yeah now the bank listens , so the bank manger came out and thank them and got all the information the teenagers had and how they did it , the bank manger even wrote the kids a note so they would not get into trouble for being late for school , now how they did it , they found online a Manuel  for the ATM machine , the Manuel showed them how to get into the operating system , now the Manuel also gave a default password that you can use with all the ATM  machines to gain access to the system , you can even get the machine to empty the funds for you , the bank said they have the problem fixed but i don't think that all ATM machines have been fixed it takes to long to reprogram millions of ATM machines and this happened in Canada so what about the rest of the world  , all you have to do is go online and search for ATM Manuel for the type of ATM  you want to hack , enjoy .  

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