Monday, June 9, 2014

how to tell if someone is lying to you .

felecia187 is the person you are talking to lying to you well they may be if they are doing the following .
moves there head around allot .
there breathing changes .
they stand really still .
they repeat what they are saying allot .
the give you to much information .
they cover there mouths .
they cover parts of there bodies .
shuffle feet .
they can't talk .
they do not blink .
they point allot .
now keep in mind that these things can mean that they are shy , may have a health problem , or maybe they do not know how to explain what they are trying to say , these things are a lot like health issues that could be anything , but this may mean they are lying , but if you know the people you are talking too then you will know they are lying and you don't need these tips to tell you that , enjoy .

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