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Sunday, June 22, 2014

remedies for mosquito bites

felecia187 this is one of the most terifing monsters ever . MOSQUITO , they could make an awesome horror movie out of this one . so any how you want to know how to remedy mosquito bites well the following do really work , one of the best ways is to not get bite .
 cold such as ice will confuse the brain and stop the dreaded itch . 
 heat will do the same but will also speed up the healing . 
 baking soda made into a paste , i used baking soda in a bath when they get me too many times . 
doederant this will draw moisture and toxins from the bite .
wet tea bag black or green tea . 
garlic fresh garlic will knock out the toxins and stop the itch faster . no prove it works , but some say it dose .
 vinegar the acid will stop the toxin and the itch really fast , one teaspoon full will also stop heart burn within three minutes , just one of many tips with vinegar .
 honey fast pain reliever ,  and a natural inflammatory , in world war one the doctors used honey and aloe vera heated to treat bullet wounds , in Korea war they used coconut water instead of blood ,. 
anitihistamine really works and proven .
so your best defence is don't get bit , catnip oil keeps them away the best better then ddt . 
enjoy .

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