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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

this is why i want the price of gas to increase .

felecia187 you think that i am crazy for saying that I want the price of  gas to sky rocket , the reason for this is simple , when the price of gas goes up we learn to buy cars that get more to the gallon , right now the oil companies of the world own our transpertation needs , now in order to get other energy to replace the oil companies we need the price of oil to go higher then $300.00 $500.00 , or more this will get us to make other energy sources work , and take the power away from the oil companies and government , hey we should try making energy that everyone can use and it will cost us nothing more then the parts to make it , so you never have to pay a power bill again , still think I am nuts , well they already make houses in Canada that use no more power then they make , which means you pay more for the house , but you pay  nothing for the power to heat and run it , there is a 18 year old kid that people are backing up that wants to put an nuclear reactor under everyones house , don't worry it uses thermonite and the shelve life for thermonite when it has been used up is 18 months , this kid built his own nuclear reactor at 14 , has already made a device for finding nuclear material for making bombs that the USA is now using at boarder crossings , so the price of gas goes up oil goes up and free energy for everyone becomes a reality , because of energy effeicent homes the power compines are already felling the pinch , the oil companies are feeling it also because cars now are lasting longer and getting better mileage so the time of the big oil compyies and power compyies is finnally comming to a close enjoy .

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