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Friday, January 24, 2014

felecia187 Justin Bieber gets arrested , so the pop star or falling star depends on how you look at it , three charges one resiting arrest with out phsycal  $1,000 bond , dui $ 1,000 bond expired license $500 dollar bond perscription drugs were found they didn't say what they were for , admitted to cops he had been using marijauan and he was drinking , guess what he was first to be seen by the judge that day go figure the $2,500 bond is a joke for this kid who has blown $75,000 at strip clubs in one night you got to wonder if  this is a pubblicity stunt if he was street racing in the state of California he would have got 25 years to life that is the minumin in that state must be interesting to be driving one of the fastest cars in the world and still you get pulled over by the cops lol is this the begining or the end of Bieber like everyone else we will have to see if he lives through this and grows up or dies and to think he is Canadian like me but there is always Rob Ford who Bieber is now being compard too he better start bailling water because the ship is sinking , enjoy

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