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Monday, January 27, 2014

felecia187 how to beat a traffic ticket , yes i have done this many a time first a few rules that the courts don't want you to know about , traffic court is really backloged  this is in your favor , when you get to court say you want to set a trial date , this is in your favor , now when you set the trial date go to the law libruary and look up the Alberta Canada traffic act , find out which law you brock and find simular laws like it cross refferance them to see if there is a loop hole now when you get to court if you are prepaired to go to trial go to trial , but here in Alberta a member of the 
RCMP will talk to you before you are to go to trial and they will offer you a deal , they offer this deal because traffic court is so back loged the deal will be this you will have your ticket given to the redistered owner of the car you were driving now this means you get no points off your licence and your insurace company can't increas your payments win win for you , several other times i have done this the member of the RCMP  that gave me the ticket never showed up guess what yep ticket dismissed this has happened three times to me , i have also gone to trial have not lost one yet , no i don't live in traffic court , if you are sure about running a trial do it , if you like the deal they offer you , then take it , but you will still have to pay the ticket price the reason why the ticket gets dismissed when the member of the RCMP  dose not show up is that by the law of Canada and the USA  is that you have the right to face your acuser in court they don't show you win on a technecality awesome , fight every ticket you will be surprised how easy this is , enjoy

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