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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

felecia187 hybrid cars are they really better then gas , well lets see the Toyota has a millage rating of 45 miles to the gallon , it is a hybrid , and cost more then $30.000 , now the kia reo cost about $15,000 runs on gas only and gets 50 mpg it also gets more then the smart car which gets 40 mpg so are hybrid cheaper on gas i say no , when the battery goes in you hybrid it can cost around $3,000 to change this price depends on the year of the car the newer the car the more the battery cost so the price can be even more then $3,000 now if you live in a cold climate like Canada your battery will drain faster in cold weather , which means you need more gas to charge the battery which means less fuel economy so now you could be looking at 20mpg for your hybrid at -40c , your gas powered car will also get less mpg when cold about 5mpg less  which is still far less then the hybrid , so the hybrid cost more , gets less in cold climates , cost more to fix then a gas so what good are they really ? if you own a hybrid you could say you just got suckered lol , enjoy

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