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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

education system is on the decline .

felecia187 so kids today think that there parents are stupid , boy have i got news for them , because of stupid laws like no kid left behind our system is teaching our kids to be dumber then the parents , no kid left behind means that the slowest kid in class controls the speed at which all members of the class learn when i was in school in Hanna Alberta Canada , my older brother was told with my parents that he would not go any farther in school because he was to stupid to pass grade nine , so in prison yes i said prison a shrink decided to find out why my brother was really there , well it turns out my brother could not read , this will get you because he is severely delecksit my god i can't spell it spell check my ?, any how this is a disorder that only smart people get not kidding Albert Ienstine  had an IQ of 168 when my brother was finally tested he scored 198 , he was smarter then his teachers he would have gone all the way in school and then some if it were not for dumb teachers , and maybe prison would not have been his life , when our parents went to school in the 1950's a grade nine education back then is equal to two years of university today , now kids don't even have to write they just type , how are they going to spell S.O.S  if they get lost in the woods , this system has got to teach kids how to think not how to learn there is a big difference , and yes i was also put in the dumb dumb class , this only lasted for three months they should of tested me also , because i am smarter then my brother who has an IQ of 198 , our education system is about how little work a teacher has to do to get a huge amount of money for not working , i went to school till 4 pm today school is out at 2:45 pm , the system dose not take genuineness in to account so the smart ones suffer at the hands of the dumb ones ,one of my faults no matter how smart i am i can't  spell with out spell check , well it is not that bad but my dad has a problem spelling also hum i wonder , so the next time a teacher goes on strike for more money think of all the smart kids they destroyed in school , by the way an IQ test is made as smart as the person who wrote it , reasoning has to be apart of it a psychological parenting assessment would be a better test because of the many factors that it deals with , we should go back to the 1950 education system and implement how they taught our parents so much more then they teach our kids today , because at the rate of decline in less then 100 years from now the kids today will have a grade nine education which will be equal to a graduates degree , and our kids now are dumber then our parents where so lets start to fix this system of education before it crashes and burns all together , enjoy .

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