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Monday, April 14, 2014

foreign worker program Canada under fire .

felecia187 now the truth about the abuse of Canadian workers comes to life , they are now saying that Canadian workers get paid less then foreign works , get less hours , and have less rights then foreign workers , the investigation has now gone from a McDonald in Vancouver to Lethbridge Alberta ' in some stores you have to sign your wright away to a raise or you don't get hired as a Canadian worker , you now get performance increases not raises that they can take away from you anytime they want , the fast food restaurants are the most profitable and pays the least amount for workers , the truth be told we do not have a shortage of Canadian workers in Canada what we have is a shortage of employers who are willing to pay a decent wage , and because of the foreign worker program the Canadian wages are being staled or frozen so you Canadians are more then getting screwed , now the numbers fast food restaurants in Canada make any where from 80 cents to 90 cents PROFIT on the dollar so the restaurant gets the most money and they spend 10 to 20 percent on running the restaurant this is a huge profit and this includes wages , upkeep which they right of on there taxes , rent , advertising , product , so the profit for fast food is HUGE  it is going to grow and the investigation is going to get bigger we don't know of all the fast food places that are screwing Canadian workers because some workers are don't want to come forward because as a Canadian you would lose your job and they will replace your job with more foreign workers , enjoy 

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