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Saturday, April 12, 2014

how to catch a child molester .

felecia187 now i don't recommend people do this but many people have done this to catch child molesters , first you set up a fake account on a social site , now you state that you are young do not say at this point how young , now when the child molester answers your add you get them talking about what kind of sex they like , now you tell them that you are 12 and that you want to meet them for sex , you set up a time and place make sure the child molester gives you a very good description of them selves and make sure you keep the e-mail of your talk with them on your fake site , you will need this as evidence , now when they show up for the meet you and you friends pull out your camcorders and confront the child molester and tell them that you got punked in the worst way make sure you get the plate number on there car with the camcorder to not attempt to arrest or hold them for the cops , now after you got all this on video you take the evidence to the cops and let them deal with the child molester do not do this by yourself take your friends with you , because you do not know if the child molester is armed or dangerous , it is that easy , enjoy .

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