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Thursday, April 3, 2014

how to find flight 370 Malaysia . part 3

felecia187  OK here goes the RCMP  of Canada do this all the time but they have to get a warrant from a judge first here goes if a kid that has a kid phone or an cell phone either or and the kid goes missing the RCMP  will get a warrant from a judge to allow the cell phone provider to do this ,  activate the phone even if it is turned of with out any one on the other end knowing it has been activated they do this all the time , so you can do this with all the cell phones on flight 370 , another thing the RCMP  can do is to get a warrant to make a clone phone , the cell phone provider will do this and you can see and hear everything that the other phone is being used for , they do the clone phone with drug traffickers , now there was at least 10 laptops on the flight now with business  like woods in part two his laptop would have been down loading to the office at IBM  where he dose in deed work this can also give info on what has happened , now the conspiracy theory started when a cell phone professional lied to the public about the cell phones on flight 370 still ringing she said that the phone you are using to call will have a ring to it even if the other phone you are trying to call is not working , bull f in **8 you get the point , this is the reason why i can tell you she lied when you make a call to a cell phone it goes to the provider of the cell phones company say bell as an example now if cell is not active the messaging system will be activated , now the messaging is not on your phone it is at the cell phone provider which is why you have to call your cell phone provider to find out what your voice messages are so if the people who claim that the cell phones rang many times then it did indeed ring or else it would have gone to the automatic messaging service from the provider , the cell phone would not ring , because the call has to go through the provider first and if the phone can not be located then the messaging system picks up so it is impossible for the phone to be ringing unless the call went to the provider of the phone and was confirmed by there system that the phone was located , and when the phone is located by the provider then and only then dose the phone ring more then 3 times so this is how the conspiracy theory has started so some one is covering this up and the USA  is a good bet that they are . 

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