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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

how to get a closer shave .

felecia187 red for bloody , well it doesn't have to be first and foremost no one makes an electric razor that shaves closer then a blade , now how do you get an awesomely close shave well listen and i will tell you the secrets to do this , first get a razor with at least three blades five would be great do not buy a no name brand razor they will cut you up , buy the name brand one so no dollar store ones , then get gel shaving cream in the spray can , name brand would be great , so far so good now the secret is this remember the old western movies where the barber puts a hot steaming cloth on the cowboys face well you got , get the cloth as hot as you can stand it to be , and you guessed it put it onto your face , let it set on your face for a few minutes , the steam in the cloth opens the pours in your skin which makes your hairs on your face raise out of the pours more , now put on the gel shaving cream make it a good lather , now when you shave your face you want the closest shave possible so make sure you shave against the grain , this works real well if you have more then five o'clock shadow , clean up with the cloth you used to steam your face , if the cloth is not the way you want to go then shave in the shower , or when you first get out of the shower , enjoy the closeness .    

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