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Friday, April 25, 2014

lower back pain cure .

felecia187 so you have lower back pain , you take drugs , they don't work , you go to doctors , they can't help you , you seek other alternatives they don't help , you buy infomercials toys ,they don't help ,well in order for you to stop the pain and increase your ability to move with out pain you first have to find a way to increase the blood flow to your disk in your spin so that your back can start to heal , in most cases the pain is caused by pressure  on the disk , well this simple exercise will do just that , before you do this talk with your doctor first because there are more reasons then one on why your back hurts this will work with most but not all sorry , so for the ones it dose work for here goes instructions ,
 lay flat on your back ,
bring your knees to your chest or as close to without pain as you can ,
now place your hands one on each knee ,
now that you are in position you will only move your arms , your legs will stay relaxed , the only thing you will use to move are you arms ,
now pull your knees toward your chest , then relax , pull relax , and continue to do this move for 12 minutes , do not strain your self when performing this simple move hold for one second then relax , now the great news the reason this works is because it relaxes the pressure on your disk which allows the blood flow back in to your disk and helps it to heal , this has worked wonders for me , at first you do this everyday for one week the following week you do it six days , the week after that five , then you do it when you feel discomfort , i do this about once that's right once every six months and i have no back pain , no drugs that you have to take more of the more you take , no stupid toys people are trying to sell you , this is free and easy to do , so get your life back and get pain free , enjoy .

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