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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Malaysia flight 370 part 14

felecia187 when is this going to end , how long has it been , OK so the submersible was sent down to search the area and because of the safety built into it's programming it returned to the surface , it went down to far , it is programmed to stay 30 meters above the sea floor , but because it went below 4500 meters the fail save went off and returned it to the surface , it did not bring up any data showing any plane , now if it were to work it takes 2 hours to go the bottom , 16 hours to search the sea floor , 2 hours to return to the surface , and 4 hours to go over the data so it has 24 hours to do one search , they are reprogramming it to go deeper but we don't know what will happen if it dose , there are other submersibles that can go deeper but they are not in the area , how much is this costing , the conspiracy theories are looking pretty good right now , they took three weeks before they started searching for the plane , and the black box goes off line in 30 days , no wreckage has been found ,  now the submersible can't go deep enough what next , if they don't find it then the USA has the flight look in my previous post on this to get the conspiracy theories , they recovered what appears to be oil so they are now testing the oil to see if it is from the flight , basically they have nothing to go on , have spent hundreds of millions of dollars so far and have nothing to show for it , they need to find the black box or the USA  has the plane no question about it , enjoy .

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