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Friday, April 18, 2014

Malaysia flight 370 part 16

felecia187 om my god still writing about this , so they fixed everything in the deep diving sub , now it is working fine , but they will need about two months , yeah you heard me right it could take as long as two more months until they find flight 370 if they find it at all , and this is bull in today's world where we have gps that works all over the planet to help find people who need help and these idiots can't find a plane with a black box that sends out a ping , oh that's right it took them three weeks to get into position to hear the ping that only last for four weeks i can totally  understand where the anger of the families is coming from toward there governments , the conspiracy theories would not have started at all if it were not for the government getting experts to lie about the phones and where the plane may have gone down if it did go down , i hope they find it and end this bull soon , enjoy .

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