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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maple leaf foods under fire yet again

felecia187 so this company was under fire years ago when more then a dozen people died from eating there product , they should of went out of business then but no people keep buying there garbage , now there is a women living in Iqaluit and she found metal shavings in her hot dogs , her name is Sylvia Thompson , see has reported it to the company and they say they are doing a full investigation in to this , well the food inspectors of Ontario are also doing there own investigation , this has happened in this company like every year they do something like this and people still buy there product which has been proven time and time again to be danger to the people buying it , wake up and boycott this company , by the way i don't buy any meat products from Ontario this should tell you something , so the women who found the metal shavings is keeping the wieners after talking to a lawyer , so we will see how many stupid people keep buying products from this company with a no good track record , enjoy 

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