Tuesday, April 29, 2014

more then 300 death row inmates innocent

felecia187 so the university of Michigan USA have found that between 1973 and 2004 more then 300 inmates are innocent this dose not include the ones who had there sentence commuted to life , 7482 case were studied so the numbers are huge you could see one or two but hundreds this is sick and tells people who are lead to believe that so and so killed there family member only to find out they got the wrong man , i wonder if the families of the person murdered could sue the state for convicting someone of killing there family member , if it turns out that they were innocent of the crime , because the system let the real murder go free , i don't know about you but if someone was convicted of murdering someone i know and i found out that they were innocent , this would cause undue stress to me and i would be even more ticked off knowing that the real murder got away with it , someone has got to get into this system and find out who and what is the problem here and fix it so innocent people do not get murdered by the state or put in prison for life , this is bull and someone or many have to get the ball rolling on this because it is murder if you kill an innocent man , it starts with the investigators so let us start there and see how they do it wrong and fix that part so it works right , then we go throw the court system and see what we can fix there one problem with the court system is that most of the time evidence is not given that should of been given , if you have ever been to trial it is kind of like the way politicians argue between each other and we all know how much politicians steal our money and don't get anything done , it is time to start investigating the system and then fixing the problem , better training and getting rid of the social paths in power so investigators do not get tunnel vision , enjoy 

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