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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

one question about flight 370 Malaysia disappearance ! part one

felecia187 red for the blood of 239 people , the Malaysia flight 370 disappeared on March 8 , 2014 it was going from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur  , no one knows what happened or where it went , well that is not entirely true because 239 people aboard know what happened , someone disabled the GPS and other monitors , and changed the flight plan , to prevent someone on the plane from calling someone they also used a cell phone blocker that you can get at any electronics store , now my question is what was on that plane that you had to kill 239 people for ? there is something they are not telling us , you didn't know about the cell phone blocker i did that alone is a huge clue , someone thought of how to do this , now the question is how to you hide a plane , well you kill everyone on board , and get new numbers for the plane and have it fling for another air line , this would be really easy to do , and no one would be any the wiser , you should check all planes with new numbers to see , finding this plane is easier then you might think oh i got lots more on this one , why didn't they tell you about the cell phone blocker ? there are lots of things they are not telling you and how come i know ? not done writing yet

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