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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

part 10 flight 370 Malaysia .

felecia187 this is an up date the ship Haixum has picked up a ping , now it right now is not known if it is flight 370 black box , and in this the government has given so many false leads , search areas , so do not get your hopes up , this is the largest search yet for the missing flight , the ping was picked up at (25 degrees south and 101 degrees east ) use your maps to help search the area with satellite , also how do you pick up the ping when the black box was turned off as they said when the flight first went missing ? but if the conspiracy theories are right then the USA  has the plane  read my previous post on this and you will know why the USA and other countries would want to hijack this plan . and no the black box is not black it is a very bright orange , just so you know the color makes it easier to find , so keep the pressure on and do not let this story die , we need to know who hijacked flight 370 and why . or do we already know read my previous post to find out , enjoy .   

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