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Sunday, April 13, 2014

part 13 Malaysia flight 370

felecia187 so there are no new pings the search area is down to 500 square miles , there deep sea sub will take about six to eight weeks to search that much ocean to see if it can find the black box , who the hell made a black box that only last 30 days what were they thinking oh that's right they weren't , so this black box lasted 37 days , like i said you need to get the black box or the conspiracy theory will not go away , and another thing why don't they make a black box that sends a message to a satellite to tell were it really is oh another good one if you can send a message to a satellite that can pin point your cell phones position to with in three feet , then why can't you make a black box do the same thing ? if they made a black box properly they would of found it a long time ago , i said it once and i will say it again stupid people make the rules and stupid people make black boxes , or maybe the USA  doesn't  want you to find it , enjoy .

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