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Thursday, April 3, 2014

part 4 flight 370 Malaysia .

felecia187 something in this set up hijacking did not go as planed , OK  here it is when we got to use the satellites to search for this flight in the ocean there were more then 18,000 people logged in there were millions looking , now if the plan was to hijack the plane get what they want from it and then dump it into the Indian ocean well that part of the plan is no more because so many people have search the water on the entire planet earth that the plane is not in the water so now how to get a plane into the water and have everyone on board look like they crashed when we know now they may still be alive in the USA  base , but why do the Americans want to fake a hijacking again what or who is on that plane ? could Philip Wood be the who he is an engineer for IBM is there something he was working on that the USA  set this whole thing up ?

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