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Thursday, April 3, 2014

part 5 flight 370 Malaysia now we are getting some where .

felecia187 OK now we are getting some where it is not a what it is a who many who , on flight 370 there are 30 of the worlds top military contractors on that flight now we are getting some where that in it self is a reason to fake a hijacking , look at it this way why is not the USA  trying also to find this plan when some of those contractors are Americans , these contractors have secrets about the USA  military contracts that you would think the Americans do not want to have fall into the wrong hands , they are not looking because they know where flight 370 really is the Americans have flight 370 . and what the hey yes i was going to say something else leave it at that , what were 30 of the biggest military contractors doing on one flight ? they are the reason this is happening .

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