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Friday, April 4, 2014

part 7 flight 370 Malaysia .

felecia187 so you need to know more here goes search the name ( Philip Wood ) . 
then go to maps and search this ( -7 18 58.3 72 25 35.6 ) .
now here is where it gets even weirder just before the flight got hijacked by the USA  Russia put out an warrant for the Rockefeller s , because they were financing a cold fusion reactor now the 30 people that were on the flight knew how to do this , how these people all got on the same flight amazes me , the military applications of this are HUGE  unlimited power for lasers that could blow up the moon if they wanted to , someone is going to talk and the USA has already tried to get the public to think of something else other then the USA , Philip Wood , and flight 370 , they are trying to do this through the media by getting the media to focus on the Texas military base shooting , this is suppose to draw our attention to what is really important away from the truth about flight 370 , so make videos , write blogges don't let the USA  get away with this , enjoy .

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