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Friday, April 4, 2014

part 8 flight 370 Malaysia .

felecia187 these searchers for flight 370 are getting to be beyond stupid , OK when the plane first goes missing USA  has it , they tell the press that the ping from the black box was turned off , so this is where it gets stupid , so they bring in a ping detector and are going to tow it behind one of there search boats , how can they detect the ping if the ping is turned off ? when stupid people try to cover this up which is what they are trying to do they make themselves look really dumb and the public gets MAD  with good reason , because the conspiracy theory starts to look more like fact then the idiot who want the public to believe other wise the government has a lot to answer for so increase the pressure to make them tell us the truth , the USA  hijack flight 370 so admit it , read my other post on this and you will know why they hijacked flight 370 , enjoy .

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