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Saturday, April 5, 2014

part 9 flight 370 Malaysia .

felecia187 so i put -7 18 58.3 72 25 35.6 into an up to date satellite view of the earth now if you go to the popular satellite maps you will see that on this island it will show six jets that look like airline plans and you will see seven military cargo carrying jets that haul military hard ware such as trucks , weapons extra , now when you go to a satellite site that is up to date you will see that all the planes are no longer there , this is the Island that Philip Wood sent the text from on his Iphone 5 , now this was said in detail in my previous post read them first to get up to date , so lets say that flight 370 was hijack by the USA  , they took it to this Island put everyone in cells and are now interrogating them you will know why when you read my other post , so now to get rid of the plane , well you have thirteen planes in total seven of which carry massive pay loads , so you take flight 370 totally apart and put it onto the other seven planes that are used to carry military cargo and fly the pieces of to destinations where we will never find a single piece of the flight 370 now you have to hope that no one like the guy in Russia , is going to say any thing on what really did happen to flight 370  . we are getting there , enjoy .    

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