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Thursday, April 3, 2014

part two Malaysia flight 370

felecia187 a call from a cell phone which belongs to a man named Philip Woods shows a photo taken and it is confirmed that the cell phone that Philip woods owns did indeed make the call it shows two photos which is almost impossible to fake because the id of the phone and where it is are part of the photo , this guy is indeed a member that works for IBM and he is listed to be on flight 370 when it disappeared the position is -7 18 58.3 72 25 35.6 and you guessed it when you search these coordinates it will land you in the Indian ocean with the name Diego Garcia which is a USA  landing strip , now this makes sense because like i said what was on that plane that the possible USA  had to fake a hijacking , or who was on the plane ? the phone is an iphone so apple knows where the plane is now and has known for sometime , to many people trying to cover this up someone is going to talk .you can find out more by using your search provider to search [ Diego Garcia Philip wood ] and you will find out more , still the question why ?     

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