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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quebec Canada election

felecia187 so Quebec Canada now has a new leader because there previous leader she got her ass kicked hard , she didn't even win her own riding , the Liberals have now won , this is the people of Quebec way of saying no to seperation , good for them bad for us because it is the rest of Canada that pays the bills in Quebec , so if they were to seperat then the rest of Canada would get our money back here in Alberta Canada they take over $ 7,000 per family and give it to Quebec , well there are a lot of family here that could use that money a lot better then supporting those free loaders in Quebec , the way they have to protect there languag is stupid , did you know that it was not the french that found Quebec but the english , not done yet %90 of Quebec is owned get this by the indians , and if you think that the broke provice of Quebec is going to pay the indians for there treaty land you should really think again , in fact i bet that the indian voted more in this election then anyone else , since the people of Quebec want to stay with Canada then they should at least start to make money in there province instead of taking ours , and start giving back what they have taken for so long hell we own Quebec we paid for it so maybe we should go there and staighten it out with a can of woop ass , Canadian style , enjoy .

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