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Monday, July 28, 2014

DR.Oz brags about the health benefits of this but dos not do it what is it ?

felecia187 so Dr.Oz brags about the health benefits of this but he dose not use it , it is suppose to fight cancer , but to much of this will kill you , and now they have a pure form of this stuff that will kill you in less then the normal amount , billions of people every day use this and many restaurant owners are making a killing of this stuff , so what is it COFFEE not kidding 400 cups at once will kill the average person , now the pure form will take less then a couple of table spoons to kill you , yet Dr.Oz says this will help fight cancer , but he never uses it , even though Dr.Oz has had a form of cancer removed from him self , maybe he should start drinking more coffee . so dose something that can kill you in large amounts , kill you slower with little amounts ? poison is poison leave a comment and tell me what you think , enjoy .

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