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Monday, July 28, 2014

how long to heal different body parts ?

felecia187 so you want to know how long it takes to heal different body parts well the fast to the longest time is how we will do this .
bones six weeks to set they are not total healed but you do not need a cast after six weeks .
your muscles tore six months to a year to heal .
your legiments the parts of you body that hold the bones together these can take up to two years to heal .
brain damage can take years to heal and maybe never . 
science has sped up the healing process of out brains , bones , legiments , and muscles but the doctors all over the world will take time to catch up to this new science bones can now be set in three weeks not six , and brain damage depending on how it happened will depend on how long and in some cases amazing things have happened more and more often , the future of medicine is looking great , now all injuries will depend on what type of shape someone is in , people who are fit can heal faster then those who are not , a healthy lifestyle can improve your time in healing when you do get hurt , enjoy .

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