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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

negative calorie diet foods how it works and what are they ?

felecia187 this diet is easy , it works like this some foods that you eat take more energy to digest then the amount of calories the food has which means you make your body burn fat without you going hungry , so you can eat all of these negative calorie foods and not gain weight no matter how much of them you eat , awesome , so here are some of the foods that have negative calories .
 apples .
 celery .
 grapefruit .
 mango .
 green beans .
 oranges .
 lettuce .
 pineapple .
 cucumber . 
 strawberries .
carrots .
 now you can eat any of these foods and not gain weight , try eating these for snacks , you can start small and increase the change in your eating habits , you can also do more homework and find other foods that are negative calories that way you will have more of a choice of what you want to eat to loss weight will out going hungry , the reason some foods choices fail to change how we eat is because we feel hungry after eating them , not with this one you can eat all of these and not gain a pound , so go shopping and get started on the easy way to lose weight , thank you ever so much for following me and reading my blog , enjoy . 

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