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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

square watermelons , say what ?

felecia187 so you never heard of square watermelons , now you have they make these in China , they are very particular about when then are ready you have to pick them at just the right time and it takes one year of watching to determine when to pick , they hire people to check on these well they are growing three times a day , and when they get to be a particular size they are placed in a see threw box until they are the right size then they are picked and shipped out to the costumer in you guess it a square box , now the thing about square watermelons is that they use them for decorating there homes and they do last a year which is just in time to replace them , now because of the square box and the way in which they are grown they are not eatable , say what a watermelon that you can not eat what , yes sad but true , enjoy .

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