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Monday, July 28, 2014

the truth about pain killers

felecia187so you keep going back to your doctor and complaining about the pain in your body or headaches , or you are using street drugs , well here is another reason to stop , your brain is the biggest part of a pain killer that you have and in your brain you have endorphin these are natural pain killers that your brain uses to kill pain , now when you do drugs you release these endorphin which kill the pain now the drug that you are using prevent these endorphin from going back into your brain to be used another day , this gets worse  if the endorphin dose not go back into your brain in time it will die , this is were it gets even worse your brain only makes so many endorphin in a long period of time , so you kill the endorphin you kill the brains ability to kill the pain even pain killers can't kill the pain if you have no endorphin left to be released , now these endorphin are also called pleasure seekers so when you make love to someone they also get released and cause you to enjoy the love , but when they get released this way they will go back into your brain to kill the pain another day , so this is also the best way to kill a headache  so if you want to enjoy making love to your partner later on in life , and you want to have these endorphin to help you then get off the drugs that are destroying your endorphin , enjoy .

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