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Thursday, July 24, 2014

why you lose weight with a new fitness program .

felecia187 you see the gimmicks on TV how to lose weight best fitness trainer ever , lets get real money back if not satisfied , when ever you start a new diet or exercise program your body says WHAT and until your body figures out what is going you will have lost ten pounds that's it no more because these TV info commercials focus on one muscle part which is usually the abs , now the truth is there is no such thing as spot reduction in order to lose weight you have to work the whole body this is why the TV garbage ends up under the bed , you want to lose weight and keep it off change your eating habits for life and keep your money in your pocket when the TV gimmick wants to sell you something that will not nor ever help you to lose weight and keep it off , this is easy money for them because they promise you that you will lose weight and keep it off in as little as 15 minutes per day , bull so don't waste your money on them when you should be doing your home work on how you want to lose weight and keep it off , only you can make that choice no else can help you lose weight until you decide to lose the weight your self do your home  work make a plan write it down and then DO IT  till it hurts then do it some more , home work , plan , execute plan , enjoy .

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